For most of my life, I suffered from severe migraines to the point of nausea, and experienced terrible stomach issues that lead to frequent hospital visits and colonoscopies. The doctors eventually diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. I attempted to suppress my symptoms with pain medications, but experienced no relief.  I had to heavily rely on caffeinated energy drinks just to get me through the day.

In late 2012, I stumbled upon the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and was inspired by one of the subjects who cured her migraines through juicing. I thought to myself, could I turn to green juice instead of medication? 

I quickly started juicing daily, and completed multiple juice fasts. As I noticed positive shifts, I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet as well. Along the way, I lost 60 lbs and my lifelong struggle with migraines,  stomach issues and energy vanished! These life-changing results pushed me to delve deeper into learning about these powerful, living foods that had dramatically impacted my life.

Since then, my passion has evolved to supporting other people to achieve their own health goals through juicing, and a plant based diet. Creating a results-based plan and seeing radical transformations is truly gratifying for me (and my side-kick Noah the Vegan).

So if you've struggling with your health, weight, or lack of energy, please click this link and allow me to connect with you one-on-one so together we can create a custom designed plan for your success!


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- Jonny Juicer