Juicing started me on this journey and along the way I’ve overcome many lifelong health struggles. Now, I’m a fully raw vegan. I hope my journey to this place of health and wellness can inspire you along yours. 

For most of my life, I suffered from severe migraines to the point of nausea and experienced terrible stomach issues that lead to frequent hospital visits and colonoscopies. The doctors eventually diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. I attempted to suppress my symptoms with pain meds but experienced no relief.  I had to heavily rely on caffeinated energy drinks to get me through the day.

In late 2012, I stumbled upon the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and was inspired by one of the subjects who cured her migraines through juicing. Could I turn to green juice instead of Excedrin? 

I quickly started juicing daily, and even did a few juice fasts. As I noticed positive shifts, I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet. Along the way, I lost 60 lbs and my lifelong struggle with migraines, stomach issues and energy vanished! These life-changing results pushed me to delve deeper into learning about these powerful, living foods that were changing my life.