Let's talk spirulina

Throughout my raw vegan journey, I’ve tried out many various superfood extracts. Up until this point, none have come close to being as effective as spirulina. Spirulina is a natural single cell, blue-green algae that springs from warm, fresh water bodies. It contains more than 65-71% protein with all essential amino acids.  To put that in perspective, lentils contain 26% while beef is made up of only 22% complete protein! Aside from being one of the highest and purest protein sources, spirulina is also a rich whole food source of essential fatty acids, B vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and carotenoids like beta-carotene for maximum antioxidant benefits. The high chlorophyll content helps to alkalize the body while boosting immunity, detoxifies the body and assists in removing heavy metals.  I’ve gone 30 straight days incorporating spirulina into my juices, since then I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in clarity, energy, mood and well being. Spirulina has now become one of my go to green powders for both mixing in smoothies and juices, or sprinkling over salads. 

I’ve had positive results using various brands of spirulina over the years.  However, It wasn't until recently, when I was helping friends with a diabetes clinic on the west coast, that I fully understood the immense power of this superfood.  On the recommendation of a close friend, I tried Pure Hawaiian spirulina .  I immediately became more focused, detailed, and driven.  The best way I can describe it…it made me feel like I was on the “limitless pill.”   In the past I've sometimes questioned whether or not I'm meant for this, or if I can continue coming up with creative content.  However, over these past two months, I've been more confident and believe in myself more than ever.   Imagine looking through a grainy camera, then twisting your finger and bringing that image into focus.  That’s how impactful spirulina has been for me these past few months.  As it stands right now, I truly feel capable of anything and everything I set out to accomplish.  Give spirulina a try, it's certainly worth a shot.